30 Railroad Street, Manville, RI 02838

401-769-6666 | ritta@ritta.org

HOURS: Mon & Tues Leagues 6:30-10p |

Wed & Thu Open Play 6:45- 10p |

Sat Open Play 1:30-5p |

*Fri & Sun Clinics (by reservation only)​

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RI Table Tennis

Rhode Island Table Tennis Association

RITTA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

For info about donating, contact steve@ritta.org

First Time?

It is best to visit for the first time on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday (avoiding leagues). 

COMMON ANSWERS: The club is open every day, but not every day has available time slots for free ​play. Wed, Thurs and Sat are Open Play (Walk-Ins Welcome)

  • Monday League is reserved for USATT Ratings Over 1400 (or club equivalent).
  • The Tuesday League is Open to All (new players register at 6:45).

Current Hours: Monday 6:30p (Advanced League $8), Tuesday 6:30p (Open League $8), Wednesday ​and Thursday 6:45p (Open Play $7) , Saturdays (Open Play $7) 1:30-5p, *Friday and Sundays are Clinic ​Days (By Reservation Only)

(All are welcome to the Tuesday League - Must arrive by 7p to play

*Bring Cash, or plan ​to pay with ApplePay ​or phone app.

Our Community

Our table tennis community serves all ages, all abilities,

and all ethnicities. Sport is something that can be used to

unite people. In OUR Sport, players are generally tiered by

ability, so a typical tournament could include men and

women, old and young, and there’s a strong US para athlete

presence, so you could have wheelchair or para-players

competing in the same events as well.

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Recent and Upcoming

The RI State Games are for RI ​Residents Only.

The Spring Open is for ALL ​Players from All States.

On the Weekend of May 4/5, ​there are events for everyone !

Sign up at OMNIPONG or in ​person at the club.

In The News

Featured Videos


Xue Di

In 2011, the Providence Journal covered Chinese Dissident Poet, Xue Di, and his interest in table tennis. Xue Di is a member of the RI Table Tennis Hall of Fame.


MetroPCS Commercial

RITTA members Steve Hopkins and Xue Di were paid actors in a series of MetroPCS commercials. The pair were featured in the set of commercials that aired for about a year (they are playing table tennis in a park).


The Rhode Show

Local WPRI news show called “The Rhode Show” created a piece on the Rhode Island Table Tennis Club.


Cincinnati Bengals

Steve Hopkins traveled with teammate Estefania Ramirios to run a table tennis event for the Cincinnati Bengals at their stadium in Cincinnati. .


Boston Bruins

Steve Hopkins is in charge of table tennis operations for the annual Pucks & Paddles event that

uses table tennis as a fund-

raiser by matching Bruins

players with fans in a

doubles tournament. RITTA

players serve as referees.

The event brings in more

than $120,000 per year for

Bruins charities.

What we do

RI Table Tennis is a 501(c)3. In addition to

running the Manville club location, our group

are dedicated to promoting the sport. We

have donated time, space, money and

equipment to a variety of causes.

Donate a table, paddle, net assembly, barriers, funds, or your time to help establish table tennis clubs, leagues, and teams in schools across Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

RI Table Tennis Hall of Fame

Sparky James

Ed Hamamjian

Before the pandemic, one could argue that Rhode Island Table Tennis had only closed once in its history - and that was for World War II. There is a rich history here that includes a Monday League that has run continuously since the 1940s, and State Championships extending into the 1930s. Come and be a part of this rich history.

RI Table Tennis

Rhode Island Table Tennis Association

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RITTA Board of Directors

Steve Hopkins - President

Liam Cannon

Chuck Cavicchio

Murali Mani

John Shunney

30 Railroad Street, Manville, RI 02838

401-769-6666 | ritta@ritta.org